Joined FEC industry experts in real estate and law for our first ever FEC Roundtable – FEC Tenants & Landlords Working Together on Pandemic Related Solutions.

Together with our host, Bob Krause, we explore how the laws are working for and against both tenant and landlords, and what steps people can take to emerge from the pandemic successfully.

2:14 Introductions
– RJ Mohindra, FEC Real Estate – Tenant Real Estate
– Jennifer Hill, DPCRE – Commercial Landlord Representative
– Kevin Lonzo, Lonzo Law – FEC Industry Risk Management
– Sheryl Bindelglass, Sheryl Golf – The Owner/Operator Perspective
– Bob Krause & Dave Wilson, FUNtrepreneurs & United Play

In this information-packed roundtable discussion we address the following topics:
▪️ Tenant Options
▪️ Commercial Property Owner Options
▪️ Legal Aspects & Protecting Your Assets
▪️ The Owner/Operator Perspective
▪️ Looking Into the Future – What Opportunities Will Open Up in 2021

11:17 As a professional, what are some of the challenges that tenants are facing today that they were not facing 6 months ago. Answered by RJ Mohindra.

14:51 What are the biggest pain points that landlords are facing and what are their options. Answered by Kevin Lonzo and Jennifer Hill.

17:07 Communication is key. Speak with your landlord as soon as you know there’s a challenge in managing your rent. Answered by Kevin Lonzo

18:22 Who do you define your types of landlords and how does that affect how they handle these issues? Answered by Jennifer Hill.

19:35 What do you do when landlords do not extend their incentives to their tenants. Answered by RJ Mohindra.

20:49 Have you heard of states that are offering tenants abatements or putting rents on hold? Answered by Jennifer Hill & RJ Mohindra.

21:33 SB939 Potential Ban On Eviction

23:27 What is the chain of communication when you are having trouble paying their rent. Answered by Jennifer Hill

25:03 At what point do you need to get an attorney involved? Answered by Kevin Lonzo

26:35 The importance of hiring an attorney before you sign your lease. Answered by Bob Krause & RJ Mohindra.

28:21 What if you can’t afford an attorney? Answered by Kevin Lonzo & Sheryl Golf.

30:48 Is it legal for a landlord to serve a “pay or quit” notice? Answered by Kevin Lonzo.

32:03 How do I protect my assets from being seized. Answered by Sheryl Golf, Dave Wilson & Kevin Lonzo.

39:24 When a landlord is not in a position to be flexible, are there options? Answered by Kevin Lonzo

41:06 Besides deferred rent, what are plausible other alternatives to help tenants? Answered by RJ Mohindra.

47:11 What would be the advice to people who are in the process of looking at the FEC industry? Answered by RJ Mohindra.

48:14 Landlords are clamoring for FEC facilities to use their property, especially in the mall spaces.

55:55 What are the pros and cons of hiring a third party to negotiate lease terms vs doing it on your own? Answered by RJ Mohindra & Kevin Lonzo

1:00:05 Is there anyone who was successful in getting Business Interruption Insurance? Answered by Bob Krause & Kevin Lonzo

1:01:15 Be proactive vs reactive. Answered by Jeniffer Hill, Sheryl Golf & Kevin Lonzo.


Contact our panelists.
RJ Mohindra, FEC Real Estate –
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Jennifer Hill, DPCRE
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Kevin Lonzo, Lonzo Law
Email: [email protected]
Office: 727-537-0209

Sheryl Bindelglass, Sheryl Golf
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Office: 732-302-4439

Bob Krause & Dave Wilson: United Play
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