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Everyone loves a zipline and no matter how long or short, they always deliver big thrills and an accelerated heartbeat. United Play is an indoor zipline manufacturer with a focus on safety, maximum throughput and a world-class rider experience. Indoor ziplines work best when there is at least 24’ of ceiling height to start with as the cable starts at the highest point and works its was down to the landing deck. All of our systems use the Head Rush zipBACK Retraction Device for quick and easy return and maximum rides.

If ceiling height is a challenge, we have great solutions for a fully enclosed ceiling height challenge, we have great solutions for a fully enclosed system that is affordable and easy to operate. As builders of indoor ziplines, we have found that our most popular and economical system is a ground-based unit that sits on the foundation of any facility. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a day out with the family or a corporate team-building event, the lure of riding a zipline is always a crowd-pleaser with great ROI.

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United Play Ziplines use 3/4″ steel cable with a spring braking system at cable end. Each zipline is suspended directly above an 8’ wide and a ASTM approved enclosed airbag located 72″ – 36” below the launch deck. Should a rider decide to let go at any point along the way, they land on the soft inflated airstrip below and easily exit as the auto return system brings the handle back for the next rider. Each unit is made with heavy gauge 4 x 4 powder codes box steel framing with outer safety netting. The zipBack zip retrieval system, by Head Rush is the state-of-the-art in the industry.

We partner with zipBACK by HeadRush the world’s most trusted and tested rail glide and mini zipline rider trolley retrieval systems.  Made right here in the USA, zipBACK offers the industry’s only auto belay system with magnetic braking technology.


Retraction Device

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headrush zipback Retraction Device

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