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It’s impossible to hurt your funny bone when you’re playing in one of these. Let your visitors run, jump, climb and bounce themselves silly in one of our 15 different types of inflatable obstacle courses. Easily customized to fit your space, these inflatable park attractions offer an exciting mix of fun challenges and multi-player action games. Delight young guests with colorful inflatable attractions like slides, bridges and other fun, bouncy surfaces. 

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Inflatable Obstacle Courses

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We’ve earned an excellent reputation for our inflatable courses from countless satisfied clients. All the materials we use for weight-bearing structures are 18OZ/0.55mm thick tarpaulin to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Our products are fire-retardant, non-toxic, lead-free and meet the latest ATSM Standards for quality and safety. All products feature seam protectors, reinforced corner stress points and heavy protective covers that are easily replaced when they wear out.

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