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Our soft play parks– designed for ages 7 and under– foster exercise, balance and coordination in your smallest adventurers. Sturdy yet gentle, our soft play parks ensure safety during energetic play, allowing imaginations to soar amongst the vibrant setting. The only thing we can’t cushion them from: the disappointment of having to go home.

We go above and beyond to keep your littlest guests safe.

indoor play equipment toddlers, Toddler Play


indoor play equipment toddlers, Toddler Play


indoor play equipment toddlers, Toddler Play


indoor play equipment toddlers, Toddler Play


Did You Know?

Toddler play areas promote cognitive growth, emotional and
behavior development, creativity, independence and physical activity.


At United Play, our soft modular play united are manufactured by the world’s largest manufacture of indoor play equipment out of China. Our products are built with the highest quality standards including high-density durable foam padding that allows for comfortable usage while maintaining its shape for an extensive number of years with high-frequency usage. All United Play soft play modular units meet rigorous quality and safety standards for indoor playground equipment by ASTM.

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