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to climb on things…

We dream big and create unique, interactive playgrounds for kids of all ages. Our themed spaces include candy lands, pirate ships, ninja jungles, dinosaur worlds and space stations. Kids can climb, crawl and slide through our multi-level modular playgrounds, soaring down gravity-defying  slides or challenging our interactive panels. We are not your average soft play manufacturer—we are the ones who dare to dream UP differently.

We infuse quality and safety in every stitch and knot.

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Did You Know?

Soft play courses engage every major muscle group, giving a whole-body workout that’s a WHOLE lot of fun.

quality commercial soft play products

At United Play, our soft modular play units are manufactured by the world’s largest manufacture of indoor play equipment out of China. Our products are built with the highest quality standards including high-density durable foam padding that allows for comfortable usage while maintaining its shape for an extensive number of years with high-frequency usage. All of our deck clamps are engineered for maximum durability and can be customized to match the unique colors of the park’s theme. All United Play soft play modular units meet rigorous quality and safety standards for indoor playground equipment by ASTM.

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