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Climbing wall attractions are a perfect complement to any indoor adventure park. With steep verticals and challenging hand grip patterns, they test your visitors’ mental and physical stamina. Best of all, since they’re a big draw for guests of all ages and make efficient use of your square footage, they tend to be profitable. 

United Play’s climbing walls can be customized to each client’s unique design preferences. Every creation adheres to our meticulous quality standards. Colorful and dynamic, they invite your guests into stunningly themed climbing experiences like medieval castles, tropical jungles, underwater worlds and more. We can even add interactive LED lights that sense the climbers’ movements to track their times and even stage competitive races to the top.

Climbing Walls, Climbing Walls

Climbing Wall

Climbing Walls, Climbing Walls

Climbing Rubic Cube

Climbing Walls, Climbing Walls

Climbing Tower

quality kids climbing wall products

The environmentally-friendly materials used in our climbing walls are chosen to maximize the fun and safety of your climbers. Wall structures are reinforced with steel pipe frames and built to remain solid and sturdy for years to come. Soft padded flooring mats make for safe, cushy landings. For our rope and harness systems, we partner with TRUBLUE by HeadRush, the world’s most trusted and tested name in climbing gym belay systems. Made right here in the USA, TRUBLUE offers the industry’s only auto belay system with magnetic braking technology.

TrueBlu Auto belay

by Headrush

Climbing Walls, Climbing Walls

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