The Zipline

of the future

Look, ma! No cables! Yeah, ziplines are fun, but our proprietary Gliderail is even better as it soars across the sky without all the noise and friction of a cable zipline trolley. The Gliderail’s I-Beam track technology offers the adrenaline-pumping, 45-85 foot ride of a zipline without the need for harnesses or the staff to run it. The Gliderrail trolley system allows a seated or crossbar hanging option that provides a thrilling glide effect unlike anything else in the industry.

Did You Know?

The throughput on a Gliderail is 240%  faster than a traditional
zipline– and there’s no need for staff! That’s a lot of rides and a ton of revenue.


The glider rail is suspended with cables directly above an 8’ wide airbag strip located about 3’ below. Should a participant fall off or decide to dismount for any reason, its no problem as they’ll land comfortably on the airstrip below and are able easily exits the runway up a short staircase near the launch pad. If you want to change things up, the seated ball can be easily switched out with a traditional zip line hanging style handle grip. All United Play obstacle course attractions meet rigorous ASTM quality and safety standards for indoor playground equipment.

We partner with zipBACK by HeadRush the world’s most trusted and tested rail glide and mini zip line rider trolley retrieval systems.  Made right here in the USA, zipBACK offers the industry’s only auto belay system with magnetic braking technology.


Retraction Device

by Headrush

headrush zipback Retraction Device

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